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Horizontal Band Saw

The Horizontal band saw is a splendid way for an individual wanting for an automated cutter that can handle high-volume cuttings, this saw imparts a semi-automatic feature that lets you set the speed and fence size without ever leaving your work area. The model is top-of-the-line and comes with an 7 years warranty.

Industrial Horizontal Band Saw

The industrial Horizontal band saw is a top substitute for somebody wanting for a versatile and efficient tool, this saw offers a sleek look and feel to it, making it facile to operate and efficient. With a durable construction, Horizontal band saw is sure to do the job well, this johnson model j 10 x 18 Horizontal band saw imparts an 8409 design with metal cutting edges that are perpendicular to the power cord. The saw grants an orange anodized finish and is equipped with an 8389 dustbin rack, the saw renders a single arm and a schmidt-abbit a motor. The saw can handle up to 0, 8 mph and gives a capacity of 10 cubic feet. The saw provides an inch border and a shearwater decking deck, the saw is able to cut through metals up to 0. 8 inches wide, this is a Horizontal band saw hack saw that is used in condition. This band saw offers an 9-16 inch capacity and can be used to branches, it is manufactured of heavy-gauge steel with a black anodized aluminum housing. The band saw can be turned on its side for easier use, this saw is furthermore equipped with a-clamp, which makes it facile to keep track of the size of the blade.