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Band Saw Jig

The band saw Jig is an unique tool that will help you to sharpen your teeth on a band saw, the Jig creates a rotary target that can be used to create more teeth on the band saw blade. This will help you to get a more sharp band saw blade.

Band Saw Jig Walmart

This band saw Jig is for the router band saw cutting wood riping, this Jig helps the saw through the wood easily with minimal riping. The Jig makes set-up and work very straightforward for the saw, this is for jigs that include: saw blade, hanger, circular saw blade, circular saw, band saw, circular saw blade, jigsaw, sandpaper, circular saw blade, circular saw blade oil, circular saw blade primed, circular saw blade, saw blade(s) multiple times through the Jig to clean them off. The band saw Jig is a must-have tool for any band saw! This Jig enables you to remove the lead wire from your band saw blade, which can then be used to replace your blade, the kit includes a shoe assembly and a washer. This band saw Jig is essential for somebody who uses a band saw regularly! This is a vintage delta saw Jig saw upper blade Jig saw, it grants a floor drill guide post and a thumb screw for add on an extra belt sander. This saw is in excellent condition with no flaws.